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sony-printers/up895md Sony UP-X898MD
$1,245.00$795.00 On Sale!
Replaces the Sony UP-897MD.

The UP-X898MD B&W printer is a hybrid model accepting both analog and digital signal inputs. UP-X898MD offers “PRINT, STORE and GO” capabilities with Sony’s IMAGEPORT™ interface. This allows users to either print image store them on a USB drive and transfer them to a laptop. This black and white ultrasound printer is designed for today’s advanced ultrasound systems with high speed printing times of approximately 1.9 seconds, high resolution of 325 DPI and a compact-space-saving design.


UPP-110-family Sony UPP-110HG
$235.64$195.00 On Sale!
Sony created UPP-110HG B&W paper for the UP-895MD, UP-D895MD, UP-897MD and UP-D897MD printers. The "HG" - stands for High Gloss and can only be used on Sony models manufactured after the UP-895MD printer. (Use UPP-110HD for earlier models - i.e. UP-890MD.)

The high gloss finish gives a great contrast between various shades of grey in your image. This will help you see subtle clinical information in any image.

The UPP-110HG paper now comes in a box of 10 rolls. 240 prints can be made with each roll.


MediCapture USB-170 $2,499.00
MediCap USB-170 still image recorder. Converts analog image to digital image for storage on a memory stick.


sony-color-media/upc-55 Sony UPC-55
$235.00$205.00 On Sale!
The UPC-55 Color Print Media is designed for use with the UP-55MD, UP-D55 and UP-D55MD Digital Color Printers. Each pack of media is packaged with 2 individual packs of 100 sheets each and 2 ribbons. Pricing is per pack of 200 prints.


MediCapture USB-300 $5,500.00
MediCapture USB300 HD Recorder records High Definition video


MediCapture USB-200 $3,499.00
MediCapture USB-200 will record motion video on a USB memory stick.


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