Sony B&W paper for both small and large format printers is listed on this page. The small format printers are the UP-897MD, UPD-897MD, UP-895MD, UP-890MD, UP-870MD, etc. They use the UPP-110H(x) paper or the standard UPP-110S/5 paper. The large format printers (UP-900 series) use the UPP-210HD or UPP-210SE paper. All are sold at very good prices - see for yourself.

UPP-110-family Sony UPP-110HG $258.50
Sony created UPP-110HG B&W paper for the UP-895MD, UP-D895MD, UP-897MD and UP-D897MD printers. The "HG" - stands for High Gloss and can only be used on Sony models manufactured after the UP-895MD printer. (Use UPP-110HD for earlier models - i.e. UP-890MD.)

The high gloss finish gives a great contrast between various shades of grey in your image. This will help you see subtle clinical information in any image.

The UPP-110HG paper now comes in a box of 10 rolls. 240 prints can be made with each roll.


UPP-110-family Sony UPP-110S/5 $122.00
The Sony UPP-110S/5 is Sony's least expensive B&W paper. It will work in any Sony small format B&W printer. The "S" paper is the Standard model and offers the most prints for your money spent.

The UPP-110S/5 comes in a box of 10 rolls with 270 prints on each roll.


sony-bw/upp-210hd.jpg Sony UPP-210HD $314.50
The Sony UPP-210HD is high quality and high density B&W print media. It comes in a box of 5 rolls with 130 prints on each roll. This media can be used in all large format Sony printers such as UP-990AD, UP-970AD, UP-980, UP-960, UP-930, UP-910. This model replaces UPP-216HD.


sony-bw/upp-210se.jpg Sony UPP-210SE $225.50
The Sony UPP-210SE is the standard grade of B&W print media for the Sony large format printers. This media can be used on all the following Sony models - UP-990AD, UP-970AD, UP-980, UP-960, UP-930 and UP-910. This model replaces UPP-216SE.

The UPP-210SE comes in a box of 5 rolls and makes 130 prints per roll.


sony-bw/upt-210bl.jpg Sony UPT-210BL $390.50
The Sony UPT-210BL is Sony's transparancy media for the UP-980 and UP-990AD printers. This is often used in Cath Labs or on C-Arm equipment. The thickness of the media is quite similar to traditional X-ray film and can be viewed on a light box.

The UPT-210BL comes in a box of 5 rolls and will make 42 prints per roll of media.


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