Sony Medical grade printers have always been the best. The color reproduction is life-like and the speed of print is quick. Sony color printers are used in ultrasound and surgery as well as many other medical imaging applications.

sony-printers/upd55 Sony UP-55MD
$5,875.00$5,350.00 On Sale!
The Sony UP-55MD medical grade color video printer with it's slim design, offers a powerful new set of features never seen before on a medical printer.

Identifying with the changing needs of the medical marketplace, the UP-55MD printer adds a USB interface that allows the user to capture still printed images and store them on a small, portable USB storage device, like the Sony MicroVault™* device. Images can later be imported into a laptop or PC for medical reporting, PowerPoint® presentations, referrals, or educational purposes.

High resolution, near A5 size prints are created in approximately 20 seconds, and the new enhanced memory helps to prevent prints from being lost in case of an error.

The UP-55MD printer is an ideal choice for printing in ultrasound or endoscopy modalities, as well as other medical and scientific applications.


Sony UP-D25MD
$1,995.00$1,495.00 On Sale!
The Sony UP-D25MD Digital Color Printer is the ideal choice for the endoscopy and ultrasound markets. (Replaces UP-D23MD)

The UP-D25MD incorporates a USB 2.0 High Speed interface for fast and efficient digital connectivity for many modalities, as well as convenient hook up to a laptop or office PC.


Sony UP-DR80MD $1,995.00
The UP-DR80MD is a full page medical grade digital printer designed specifically for medical color printing applications where outstanding image quality and accurate color reproduction are essential. Attaching directly to endoscopic or ultrasound systems via USB 2.0, this fast and reliable dye sublimation printer is compact enough for cart integration.


Sony UP-25MD
$2,195.00$1,595.00 On Sale!
The compact, high-speed medical color printer delivers excellent quality, durable, 423 dpi resolution prints in less than 20 seconds and easily integrates with other video equipment. The new device supports both 1080i and 720p signals which are automatically detected by the printer. An added LED notifies the user of data transmission and print cartridge status.